The beautiful Polydrosos is built at the northern foothills of Parnassos at an altitude of 380m. Until 1928 it was called Souvala, a name still used today.

The village is growing touristically, rendering it a favourite destination for Athenians and others.


Polydrosos has a beautiful square with plane trees, which houses the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the triple stone fountain.

With just 20 ‘walk you can reach the springs of Agia Eleousa. The location will compensate you with its natural beauty, covered in plane trees, with sparkling waters from the sources of Boeotian Kifissos and wonderful views of Polydroso. There you will see the ruins of the Byzantine temple of Paliopanagia or Mavromandila which was built in the 6th-7th c. A.D.

You can visit the historic Hani of Gravia, 12 km away from Polydroso, as well as the surrounding picturesque villages of Lilaia, Ano Agoriani, the settlements of Mariolata and Variani, as well as the beautiful Ano Polydrosso.


Polydrosos is 20 km away from the Parnassos Ski Center, so you can enjoy skiing during the winter months. Hiking in its beautiful paths, mountain biking, mountaineering and horse riding in the river with the plantain tree is feasible all year round.

Do not forget

Before you leave to get local products, like wine, meat and cheese


By Car
It is 179 km from Athens thrugh the route to Leivadia, Chaeronea, Tithorea, Amfiklia.
By train
Following the OSE route from Athens to Leanokladi, reaching either the Amfiklia or Lilaia Station.

A real paradise in the foothills of Parnassos.

The closest settlement in Parnassos Ski Center.

Μόνο 2 ώρες από την Αθήνα, στους πρόποδες του καταπράσινου Παρνασσού, στο γραφικό χωριό Πολύδροσος, δημιουργήθηκε ο ξενώνας “Δρυάς”.