Vagonetto is the means to travel back in time and will teach you the history of bauxite extraction.

At the 51st km of Lamia – Amfissa national highway, south of Gravia, lies the Fokida Mining Park. One of the galleries opened for the underground exploitation of the bauxite, the 850th arc, was shut down in 1972 due to depletion of the mineral.

After 26 years of “silence” the gallery was transformed into a place of visitation so that the public could get acquainted with the history of bauxite.

Since September 2003, the vagonetto, the train used by the miners to transport bauxite, takes visitors to the start of the journey for the tour in the world of miners’.

The Mining History Exhibition Center, the outdoor machinery exhibition, as well as the interactive digital wing, complete the tour for the visitors.

Μόνο 2 ώρες από την Αθήνα, στους πρόποδες του καταπράσινου Παρνασσού, στο γραφικό χωριό Πολύδροσος, δημιουργήθηκε ο ξενώνας “Δρυάς”.